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Cleaning Your Dogs Ears

You should check your dogs ears periodically while dog grooming. Dogs with droop ears are especially susceptible to fungus, waxy ears, and ear mites. Check them at least weekly. Infected dog ears can lead to further complications.

Clipping Your Dogs Nails

An important part of dog grooming is clipping Dogs Nails. Do it every two to three weeks. Start clipping your dogs nails in puppyhood, so that they get used to the process of dog grooming.

Note: Dog nails have a quick that is visible as a pink darkening in light-colored nails - but is invisible on black dog nails. The quick has a nerve and blood supply; If you clip into the quick, the nail will bleed and the dog will experience pain. Clip dark colored nails in several small cuts to reduce the chance of cutting into the quick.

How To Clean Your Dogs Teeth

Watch this viedo on how to brush your dogs teeth

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